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Working flexibly can help employees balance work commitments and personal circumstances, such as parenting, caring, managing a health condition, or transitioning from full-time work later in life. The government is reforming the statutory framework for flexible working to provide employees with a day one right to request their job be done flexibly. The government will work with employers to demonstrate the benefits of offering flexible working, including through initiatives such as employer pledges and offering flexible working in job adverts. Often, the flexible working arrangements people need to manage their lives are ad hoc and informal. To understand more about how these less-formalised types of flexibility work in practice, the government will launch a call for evidence in summer 2023. Once an individual flexibly accesses their defined contribution pension savings, the total tax-relieved pension savings they can make each year is restricted to the level of the Money Purchase Annual Allowance.

  • Increased Work Coach support, alongside the other measures to improve disability employment being announced at the Spring Budget, will be key to providing tailored support for people whose disability or health condition presents barriers to work.
  • The new fiscal framework allows for a significant increase in growth-enhancing infrastructure investment, while maintaining control of day-to-day spending and the commitment to long-term fiscal sustainability.
  • For example, you might want to compare past, current and future budget figures for a selection of nominal accounts.
  • UK productivity growth has averaged 0.3% since 2008, slowing from 2.3% in the decade prior.
  • The above template shows the list of factors that are tested for the making of an accurate budget report.
  • Below we are presenting 18+ Budget Report Examples & Templates for your benefit in this regard.

Annex A of this document sets out all COVID-19 economic support announced before Budget 2021. The spotlight will also be on Monday’s announcement of borrowing estimates for the fourth quarter and the first quarter of 2024. It was the announcement on July 31 of $1.007 trillion in funding needs for the third quarter that spooked the bond market, leading to the sharp increase in auction volumes.

Table 4.1 Spring Budget 2023 Policy Decisions

The legislation will provide HMRC with a discretionary power to extend a temporary approval when a business is unsuccessful in overturning HMRC’s decision, which would otherwise end automatically. This will give HMRC the ability to agree a short period for the business to legally dispose of stocks without incurring a penalty. Alcohol duty reform – The government will legislate to make changes to the duty structure for alcoholic products, creating standardised tax bands based on alcohol by volume.

This is to ensure pension schemes are not discouraged from such investments and are able to offer the highest possible returns for savers. DWP will also come forward with draft regulations to make it easier for schemes to take up such opportunities within the charge cap by smoothing certain performance fees over a multi-year period. Alongside addressing the immediate challenges of COVID-19 and putting the UK’s public finances on a sustainable footing in the medium term, the government recognises the importance of acting now to create the conditions for an investment-led recovery driven by private sector growth. Air Passenger Duty (APD) – APD rates will increase in line with RPI from April 2022, meaning that the reduced and standard short-haul rates will remain frozen at the same level since 2012, benefitting over 75% of passengers.[footnote 64] Long-haul rates will increase in line with RPI. The rates for long-haul economy flights from Great Britain will increase by £2, and the rates for those travelling in premium economy, business and first class will increase by £5.

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This will take place over the next decade via the Cabinet Office and its Places for Growth programme. HM Treasury, alongside DIT, BEIS and MHCLG, will establish a new economic decision-making policy campus of over 750 roles in the north of England. HM Treasury will also establish representation in Northern Ireland and Wales, adding to its existing presence in Scotland. Commonwealth Games trade and investment programme – The Budget allocates £21.3 million for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Trade, Tourism, and Investment Programme to take full advantage of the economic legacy for the West Midlands and the country as a whole from this exciting sporting event. Tackling fly-tipping – The government will launch a £2 million fund to support innovative approaches to tackling fly-tipping. Green Gas Levy – The government will consult on introducing levy-funded support for biomethane production to increase the proportion of green gas in the grid.

To that end, the Budget announces a new Potholes Fund that will provide £500 million a year, resulting in a 50% increase to local road maintenance budgets in 2020‑21. Furthermore, the Budget confirms the development of 15 local road upgrades across the country, helping The Best Guide to Bookkeeping for Nonprofits to reduce congestion, improve journey times and unlock housing and employment opportunities in England. These include junction improvements to the A350 in Wiltshire, a link road connecting Chesterfield to Staveley, and a dual carriageway in Warwickshire.

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A number of measures have been announced in advance of the Budget, including a rise in the minimum wage from £8.91 per hour to £9.50 and an end to the public sector pay freeze. His “tax cut” for capital expensing will give ministers another key line of defence – and comes with a hefty price tag of £9bn a year. It is a short-term boost for business investment, as Hunt acknowledges it won’t be made permanent until it is responsible to do so.

budget report

Levelling Up Regeneration Projects – The Spring Budget announces £211 million for 16 regeneration projects in England. These projects have been assessed as high quality and will commence delivery later this year. Investment has been targeted towards the left-behind places in the Levelling Up White Paper or projects that are under £10 million to ensure quick delivery and a good spread of funding across England. These investments will provide scientists with access to cutting-edge computing power and bring a significant uplift in computing capacity to the AI community. Landfill Tax Grant Scheme – The government will develop a grant scheme to fund costs of Landfill Tax to public bodies in England, where such costs are acting as a determinative barrier to the remediation and redevelopment of contaminated land. Temporary approvals for certain excise regimes – The government will legislate to make a minor technical amendment to temporary approvals which are given to a business seeking a review or appealing against HMRC’s decision to revoke certain excise approvals.

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